The Adorable Dog Co.
Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

The Adorable Dog Co. cares for all types of adorable pets...
Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish, Hamsters and more!

St. Louis pet sitting
dog sitters St. Louis

Pet Sitting: $20 per visit.

My pet sitting service usually includes three visits to your home over the

course of the day. I work with you on what you need. Each visit includes feeding

and fresh water,
a nice walk, playtime, and tons of attention. I'll keep an eye on your

home, w
ater plants, bring in the mail and paper, too! Most clients need me to

come by three times a day: morning, mid day and evening, which will make total

$60 for the day. If you have a doggie door and your pups have access to go

outside at their convenience, I will probably only need to come by morning

and evening, which would be $40 for the day.

We understand that cats need a different kind of attention. Whether

playful or peaceful, your 
kitty will receive just the amount of attention they prefer.

With a good cuddle
and a full bowl of food and fresh water, 

hey'll stay perfectly pleased in our care. In addition, visits include a thorough litter

box cleaning to ensure your
cat feels happy, clean, and healthy.

Extra Stuff:

Additional Charges:

 $5 extra per visit if visits are after

 8 PM and before 7 AM. 

$5 - $10 extra per visit on holidays!

No Extra Charges for the following:

Administering medication, bringing in mail, taking out trash cans, watering plants,

blinds and lights, and having a
doggone good time!

*If you require special arrangements
or services not listed
here, please don't hesitate to ask!

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